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Users' Stories - Read how FARO products can help customers in different applications to improve their businesses.
Users' Stories
Read how FARO products can help customers in different applications to improve their businesses.

All Industries

Heritage: Beijing UCESD

3D Documentation towards the Inscription of LaoSiCheng             Driven by a specific need, Beijing UCESD went hunting for new equipment in the market. When the company came across FARO’s solutions, it found the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D to be the perfect solution for the project. The Focus3D is a 3D [...]

Education: Tongji University

In the past, the research team would spend some time out in the field to examine the extent and type of damage the vehicle suffered. With the Focus3D, the team is now able to capture accurate 360° all-round views of accident vehicles for further analysis. With just six successive scans, each taking a mere 1 [...]

R&D Quality Impacts Product Quality
Heavy Machinery: YANMAR Co., LTD.

Yanmar Co., Ltd. (Yanmar) was founded in 1912 by Mr. Magokichi Yamaoka, who first named the company Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho. Yanmar started its business manufacturing and supplying gas engines, but later went into the core business of selling diesel engines. Since then, the company branched extensively into other services, including the production of agricultural, construction, [...]

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Shipbuilding: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co.,Ltd

For some, the round contours and elegant hulls of a ship resemble a woman’s figure. That might be why ships have been classified as feminine objects in gender-specific languages since antiquity. What gives a ship its shapely exteriors are the “curved shell plates” made from large, thick plates of steel, covering the entire ship from [...]

04REF106-041 - FAW Volkswagen_Arm_EN
Automotive: FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd

Since acquiring the portable CMM from FARO, FAW-VW’s inspection and alignment checks on its manufacturing systems have become much more precise and simple. This, in turn, has kept the plant operating at its best. The arm’s versatility and accuracy meant that the FAW-VW team could confidently rely on the device to meet its variety of [...]

Automotive: PLOT Inc.

In the world of motorbikes, the affinity that a rider feels for his beloved machine is an extremely strong one. A motorbike is not simply a mode of transport, but must be safe, provide comfort and style, and at times also play the role of reflecting the rider’s personality. Click to watch video PLOT Inc. [...]

Heritage: Nara University

  Located a mere 4 hours away by air from Kansai International Airport in Japan is Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. Just 400km west of that is Karakorum – a city designated as the capital of the Mongolian Empire after it was built as a military base by Genghis Khan in the early 13th [...]

Aerospace: Meiwa Kiko Co., Ltd

Meiwa Kiko Streamlines Aircraft Component Manufacturing with FARO   The Boeing 787, also known as the ‘Dreamliner’, is truly a dream aircraft with advanced features that improve a passenger’s air flight experience. The first Boeing 787 in Japan was launched by All Nippon Airways in 2011. This was possible in part due to Meiwa Kiko [...]

Mould & Die: Chengdu Tianyuan Die Technology

Technology adoption is an integral part of a company’s business plan, but investments are typically made only after careful consideration. These decisions may sometimes be influenced by customers’ requirements and preferences, which was the case for Chengdu Tianyuan Die Technology Company (Tianyuan). This story tells of Tianyuan’s experience in choosing new technology for its expansion [...]

Shipbuilding: Sanwa Dock Co Ltd

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Improves Efficiency of Measuring Process Significantly Environmental problems such as marine and air pollution are usually caused by industrial wastewater, smoke and soot. A lesser known, innocuous cause of contamination, however, is the water discharged by ships. Large ships take in fresh or seawater into tanks and cargo holds to help [...]

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