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Users' Stories - Read how FARO products can help customers in different applications to improve their businesses.
Users' Stories
Read how FARO products can help customers in different applications to improve their businesses.

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Mould & Die: Chengdu Tianyuan Die Technology

Technology adoption is an integral part of a company’s business plan, but investments are typically made only after careful consideration. These decisions may sometimes be influenced by customers’ requirements and preferences, which was the case for Chengdu Tianyuan Die Technology Company (Tianyuan). This story tells of Tianyuan’s experience in choosing new technology for its expansion [...]

Shipbuilding: Sanwa Dock Co Ltd

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Improves Efficiency of Measuring Process Significantly Environmental problems such as marine and air pollution are usually caused by industrial wastewater, smoke and soot. A lesser known, innocuous cause of contamination, however, is the water discharged by ships. Large ships take in fresh or seawater into tanks and cargo holds to help [...]

Aerospace: Unitech Composites

“The traditional method works, but it’s slow and not very accurate. The FaroArm offers accuracy comparable to fixed CMMs and software that is fully programmable for repetitive measurement so it greatly increases both the speed and accuracy of the inspection process. The result is that we are able to get more parts out the door [...]

Automotive: PROTON

Investment Recouped in Half the Time Expected A common advice that many would dish out in the business world is “Dream Big, Start Small”. Indeed, it is a useful maxim that is tried, tested and true. One such company that followed this path to success is PROTON Holdings Berhad (Malaysia), part of the PROTON Group. [...]

Valve: MIR Valve

Portability of the FaroArm enabled MIR VALVE to conduct source inspections easily at its suppliers’ facilities, even before components are sent to the plant. “In more ways than one, we appreciate how portable the FaroArm is,” evealed Mr. Aziz. “Our larger valves can weigh up to a ton, making it very
labor-intensive if it had to be moved to a measuring room. Setting up the FaroArm right where the product is saves us all that trouble!”


While searching for a new measurement device, FUNAI ELECTRIC considered a few different options. This included a larger gate-type 3D measuring instrument, a portable articulated arm measuring instrument, and a camera-type measuring instrument. After screening three to four candidate companies, Funai eventually decided to settle on the FaroArm® Platinum as its measuring equipment of choice.

Surveying: Niah Cave, Malaysia

FARO helped to deploy the scanner with directions from the academic professionals on the various areas that required scanning. As each of the professors had experience with other survey equipment in the past, they initially articulated their concerns, which included the sufficiency of the scanner’s battery life, scanning distance capability, resolution of the results, and speed of each scan.

04REF106-024 - SophiaRacing_(Auto)_ARM_EN-3
Automotive: Sophia University

Sophia Racing’s first contact with FARO was an enquiry made via Twitter in the second quarter of 2011. The team wanted to know if it was possible to use a measuring instrument to mark the correct position of holes that needed to be drilled in the carbon fiber monocoque chassis of their car.

Pumps / Valves: Andritz Technologies

The fact that human activities impact the environment has long been recognized. With world human population pushing 7 billion, sustainability as a concept is gaining much momentum. Governments, businesses and individuals are now increasingly concerned about what will be left of the world for future generations, should consumption levels continue to grow indiscriminately. The Andritz [...]

04REF106-026 - Top_Direction_LT_ARM_EN-2
Machine Tools: Top Direction Machinery

Quality management has become a main pillar of success for many businesses today. That’s because customers have no lack of choices for alternatives in a competitive market. Businesses that invest in quality management find that benefits are manifold, beyond obvious improvements in product standards, and customer capture and retention. The practice of quality assurance and [...]

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