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Users' Stories - Read how FARO products can help customers in different applications to improve their businesses.
Users' Stories
Read how FARO products can help customers in different applications to improve their businesses.

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04REF106-022 - CCom_(Mech)_ARM_EN-4
Metal Fabrication: C-COM

Usage of Multiple FARO 3D Portable Measuring Devices C-COM Co., Ltd is a prototype model development manufacturer with a high degree of technical expertise in sheet-metal fabrication of various metal parts and assembly. Primarily a specialist that develops and manufactures prototype models of automobile products, C-COM handles various components of industrial machinery and railroad as [...]

04REF106-019 - JP_KomatsuOsaka_JP_(Mech)_ARM_LT_EN-2
Heavy Machinery: Komatsu

In the city of Hirakata, Osaka sits a large factory compound that is owned and operated by Komatsu. This is the manufacturing base of Komatsu Ltd. — Japan’s largest, and the world’s second largest integrated manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. It is in this particular plant in Osaka that Komatsu produces its large bulldozers, [...]

04REF106-017 - Faurecia_ARM_EN
Automotive: Faurecia (Shanghai) Management

Audi, BMW, Citroën, Chrysler, Mercedes, Peugeot and Volkswagen are car manufacturers that produce vastly different high-end automobiles for the consumer market. Despite the huge differentiation in products, these manufacturers have one thing in common — they are all clients of automotive parts giant, Faurecia. As the world’s leading automobile engineering solution provider and auto parts [...]

Heavy Machinery: Komatsu Cabtec

Komatsu Cabtec currently owns 2 units of FaroArm® Platinum, 12ft and 8ft in length. They are used to measure the prototype of cabs, first-article model, as well as in the sample inspection of cabs and parts. The introduction of the FaroArm® in Komatsu Cabtec’s shop floor was as a result of a chance encounter at one of its mold maker vendor’s premises.

Surveying: Niah Cave, Malaysia

A warm, humid Monday morning marked the beginning of an expedition to the Niah Caves, located in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Involving academics from several institutes of higher learning, hailing from three different continents, this study trip was a joint effort to achieve several distinct objectives, namely: to study the geological structure of the caves, to [...]

JBM-Neel Metal
Mould & Die: JBM Neel Metal

JBM Neel Metal maintains market leadership with FARO Delivering high quality with less time and labor Defining your business’ niche market is by no means an easy process. Simple as it sounds, some companies neglect the importance to better position themselves, or never really manage to find their unique value. The JBM Group, however, has [...]

FARO Laser Scanner captures as-is documentation after disaster event High-fidelity digital archives created for Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial
Surveying: Beijing Institute of Surveying & Mapping

The Great Sichuan Earthquake took the globe by surprise when it happened in the early afternoon on May 12, 2008. Its sheer magnitude coupled with the density of the population made this one of the most destructive earthquakes that hit the world in recent decades, killing an estimated 80,000 people and displacing millions. Download success [...]

Most of Tokai’s customers are automotive industry players — amongst them JBML, Caparo and Krishna Maruti.
Machine Shop: Tokai Engineering

All good manufacturers fuss over quality control and quality assurance. Maintaining high standards and ensuring that sound processes are in place is of utmost importance because it helps get things right each and every time. This emphasis on quality is perhaps even greater when manufacturers supply products to other businesses that also maintain high standards for their output. And Tokai Engineering, a Manesar-based Indian firm, is one such manufacturer who’s taken great lengths to build and maintain a relationship of trust with its customers.

Shipbuilding: Self Levelling Metal Machines

Smart engineering and technology have often been the key drivers for any kind of industrial development. In particular, the science of Precision Engineering has been and still is a core enabler for complex manufacturing processes in manufacturing. One such company that contributes to the Precision Engineering industry is Self Levelling Metal Machines Pte Ltd (SLMM), part of the Self Levelling Machines (SLM) global network.

Edge 1
Automotive: BYD Automobile

“Build Your Dreams”, the three simple yet compelling words behind the BYD Automobile Co Ltd (Shenzhen) acronym, has likely been a key motto that’s led to the company’s global success. Established in 2003, BYD Automobile has enjoyed incredible growth rates in recent years while building dream products for consumers young and old. The company differentiates [...]

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