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High-speed 3D Laser Scanner for detailed measurement 

FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D
Small, light, user-friendly

A revolution in 3D laser scanning!

The Focus3D is a high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus3D uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes.

  Range Laser Class Wavelength GPS
Focus3D X 330 0.6m - 330m Class 1 1550nm Integrated
Focus3D X 130 0.6m - 130m Class 1 1550nm Integrated
Focus3D S 120 0.6m - 120m Class 3R 905nm N.A.
Focus3D S 20 0.6m - 20m

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FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330:

The new FARO Focus3D X 330 is a high-speed 3D scanner with extra-long range. The Focus3D X 330 advances into entirely new dimensions: it can scan objects up to 330 metres away even under direct sunlight.

With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing making it ideal for surveying-based applications.

With its increased range and scan accuracy, the FARO Focus3D X 330 considerably reduces the effort involved in measuring and post-processing. The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, civil engineering, construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing and land surveying.

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 130:

The Focus3D X 130 is a mid-range high-speed 3D scanner. It can scan objects up to 130 metres away even under direct sunlight.

With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate outdoor individual scans during post-processing.

Its range of up to 130m enable the Focus3D X 130 for use in all kinds of applications such as architecture, BIM, heritage, forensics, shipbuilding, construction, process industry, computer graphic imagery, and many others.

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D S:
  • Efficient: The long range of up to 120m, the level sensor, the compactness and ease of use and the auto-registration at no extra cost result in up to 50% savings of scan and processing time compared to conventional laser scanners.
  • Precise and fast: The Focus3D creates a precise, virtual copy of reality in millimetre-accuracy at a blazing speed of up to 976,000 measurement points per second.
  • Economical: The price of the Focus3D is a revolution by itself. A 3D laser scanner has never been so affordable.
  • Revolutionary simple: Due to its intuitive control concept with touchscreen display, the Focus3D is as easy to operate as a digital camera.


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